Sonar 6 Power!: The Comprehensive Guide - Downloads

* Sonar X1 Power
* Sonar 8 Power
* Sonar 7 Power

* Sonar 6 Power
* Sonar 5 Power
* Sound Forge 8 Power

* Sonar 4 Power
* Sonar 3 Power
* Sonar 2 Power
* Sound Forge 6 Power
* Sonar Power
* Sound Forge Power
* Cakewalk Power
* SONAR Power Tips!


Click the following links to download the files mentioned in Chapters 5, 9, and 10 of Sonar 6 Power!:
(after it's downloaded, just double-click the file to open it)

* Chapter 5: Faithful Music Project
* Chapter 9: Groove Clip Exercise
* Chapter 10: Cyclone Exercise
* Chapter 10: RXP Exercise

In addition to the project files, Sonar 6 Power provides some free bonus chapters and appendices. To download these bonus chapters, click the following link: SONAR 6 Power! Bonus Chapters. Inside the ZIP archive are PDF files and they must be viewed using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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