Sonar 7 Power!: The Comprehensive Guide - Errata

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Following is a list of confirmed errors in the Sonar 7 Power book:

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  • page 86, paragraph 2
    First sentence should read as follows: "Time Offset is useful if you want to make a track play a little sooner or later than the rest of the tracks, in case the performance is rushed or late."
  • page 121, missing page
    This page isn't really missing. Instead, there is just a page numbering problem, which skips page 120 and has a duplicate page on pages 122 and 123.
  • page 120, missing figure
    Figure 6.1 mentioned at the end of the second paragraph in the Metronome section is missing. Actually, it's not missing... it was cut from the book during editing, but for some reason the other figures were not renumbered.
  • page 120, missing paragraph
    The following paragraph is missing from the bottom of page 120:
    Using the Count-In option in the General section, you can get the feel of the tempo before SONAR starts recording your performance. Depending on how you set it, the metronome will sound a number of beats or measures before recording begins. For example, if your project is set for a 4/4 meter, and you set the Count-In option to 1 Measure, the metronome will sound four beats before SONAR begins recording.
  • page 644, RxReverb index listing
    This should actually be called FxReverb and it should be listed in the F section of the index on page 636. FxReverb information can be found on pages 464 to 465 in the book.

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